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The greatest leap since the invention of the CUDA GPU in 2006, Turing fuses real-time ray tracing, AI, simulation and rasterization to fundamentally change computer graphics.

It features new RT Cores to accelerate ray tracing and new Tensor Cores for AI inferencing which, together for the first time, make real-time ray tracing possible.

Turing resets the way content is created and enjoyed across industries, opening amazing creative possibilities that until recently were assumed to be years away.


RT Cores for Real-Time Ray Tracing

The Turing architecture is armed with dedicated ray-tracing processors called RT Cores that accelerate the computation of how light and sound travel in 3D environments at up to 10 Giga Rays per second. Turing accelerates real-time ray tracing by 25x over previous Pascal generation, and can be used for final frame rendering for film effects at more than 30x the speed of CPUs.

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Tensor Cores for AI Acceleration

Turing features new Tensor Cores, processors that accelerate deep learning training and inferencing, providing up to 500 trillion Tensor operations per second. This level of performance dramatically accelerates AI-enhanced features -- such as denoising, resolution scaling and video re-timing -- creating applications with powerful new capabilities.

New Streaming Multiprocessor

The Turing architecture dramatically improves raster performance over the previous Pascal generation with an enhanced graphics pipeline and new programmable shading technologies. These technologies include variable-rate shading, texture-space shading, and multi-view rendering, which provide for more fluid interactivity with large models and scenes and improved VR experiences.

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CUDA For Simulation

Turing-based GPUs feature a new streaming multiprocessor (SM) architecture that supports up to 16 trillion floating point operations  in parallel with 16 trillion integer operations per second.  Developers can take advantage of up to 4,608 CUDA cores with NVIDIA’s CUDA 10, FleX and PhysX SDKs to create complex simulations, such as particles or fluid dynamic for scientific visualization, virtual environments and special effects.

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