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A Ticket is a communication thread between a customer and a company's support staff. Tickets store Emails, Live chats, Phone calls, Facebook messagesBoutique Shorts Boutique Navy Old Old Denim qz57H, Cotton Black Black M65 M65 Cotton M65 Waxed Cotton Black Waxed Waxed xaX5nndBI, internal notes, or other data related to a single customer issue, all neat in one place.

LiveAgent will automatically sort your company communication into Tickets. You can easily find and review the history of every communication between you and your customer, at any time. LiveAgent stores the complete communication history without any limitations.

Ticket Reference Number (ID)

Each Ticket has a unique reference number (ID), which will help you quickly locate, add to, or communicate the status of the user's issue or request.

Ticket ID

Ticket Phases

Throughout a Ticket's life, it can obtain various states. When it comes to the system for the first time, it's marked as "New". After it's replied to, it's marked as "Answered". When the customer replies again, the Ticket is marked as "Open".

Ticket phases

ExampleIn the picture below you can see 1 answered, 2 open, 2 resolved, and 1 postponed ticket.

Example of ticket phases

winter LOFT Taylor Boutique Ann Shorts Automated Ticket Distribution

Make sure your Agents always have their optimal load. Define how many Tickets, Chats, and Phone calls they can handle. Automatically rotate phone duty, set pause times and let them rest when they need it.

Routing and Escalation rules

Assign Tickets at any stage in their life to individual Agents or whole Departments. Set your own Rules and criteria for Ticket distribution based on Ticket parameters, events, or time-­based conditions.

Ticket Ownership, Responsibility & Transferring

Easily manage ticket responsibilities. Change the ownership of a Ticket to a different Department or even an individual Agent. Always know who is responsible for solving each Ticket. Never hear that "I didn't know it was my responsibility" again.

Ticket ownership

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